Our idea of ​​renovation

Our idea of ​​recovery was, from the beginning, aimed at maintaining the authenticity of the structure. We believe that those who choose a lighthouse as the destination of their stay have the desire and pleasure to find a lighthouse and not a facsimile of a luxury hotel.

 A simple structure with the minimum necessary comforts, precisely to give guests the opportunity to concentrate on what surrounds them, ensuring that they can regain awareness of time. A time not made for chasing, but for rediscovering oneself, simplicity, contemplation of nature. Read a book, meditate, or paint, sitting on the lighthouse terrace or on a rock.

At Capel Rosso nature is impressive. There are plants with a thousand properties, minerals, birds that have chosen this part of the island to feel protected and procreate, there is the passage of cetaceans.

"A time not to chase, but to rediscover oneself, simplicity, contemplation of nature"