Those who are most attentive will not have missed it: in the film The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino, there is a lighthouse, a beautiful lighthouse, a white hexagonal tower that leans against a red and white striped building that acts as a silent presence, lonely and romantic. In the film, this lantern represents the icon of childhood memories, or rather of adolescence, with the first love that blossomed on the sea when the protagonist was very young. She, the girl who will never forget him, has blonde hair and her back is turned and she goes up towards the large lighthouse house, a symbol of returning to the origins which is the entire metaphor of the film. Well, that lighthouse is on the island of Giglio and the filming involved for some time the entire population of a special place like the Tuscan islet, dominated only by the winds and the salt before the drama of the Costa Concordia broke out, before that Commander Schettino would arrive there. The director Paolo Sorrentino and his crew also stopped here and who knows if the choice of a "cameo" in this place was not also dictated by the word "shipwreck", which in the film is a human and social shipwreck from which - it seems that suggests itself – only a return to roots and simplicity can save us.

Spot Talisker

Talisker Social Campaign with Francisco Porcella

The campaign, conceived and produced by Attila&Co which saw the participation of the surfer Francisco Porcella, in a series of video stories shot on the coasts of Giglio Island near the Capel Rosso lighthouse.

Enrico Nigiotti

Nonno Hollywood is a Song by the Italian singer-songwriter Enrico Nigiotti, published on 7 February 2019 as the first extract from the reissue of the third album Cenerentola e altre storie.... The song, written and composed entirely by the same performer, was presented at the 69th edition of Sanremo Festival aired on 5 February 2019 and ranked 10th.